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Smartphones Pixel received, the evaluation function of battery life

Google has added a new feature for smartphones Pixel. Now the device can much more accurately predict how much is enough remaining battery power.

The company explains that earlier forecast was based on simple assumptions. If the user has spent ten percent of battery per hour, the system believed that the battery will last for ten hours. In fact, it was not always. A new feature of the Smart Battery to assess the charge of the battery over time. Product Manager at Google, Michelle Luo says:

“The phone analyzes battery usage at the same time and uses the obtained data for prediction. As a result, on different days may produce different results with the same amount of charge.”

Pixel owners can see the new prediction by going to “Settings” > “Battery.” For more information you can click on the big battery icon. Smart Battery will show a typical user patterns of the power consumption of the smartphone.

Last month, the network appeared the statements about the low charge rate for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The smartphones are charged at 10.5 watts and reaching 65% of the battery capacity, the capacity decreases exponentially. From zero to hundred per cent of the smartphone is charging nearly two and a half hours. The devices come with a 18-watt charger that allows you to use the technology of fast charging. But they never approach the specified level.

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