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The App Store has released an official game based on the movie “the Martian”

Sci-Fi film “the Martian” has acquired the official mobile game. Project The Martian: Official Game is now available on iOS, Apple Watch and Android.

The film “the Martian” is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Andy Weir. The astronauts from the ship, “Ares III” during an emergency evacuation has left one of his colleagues on the planet, believing him dead. But he survived and began a long Robinson Crusoe on Mars. The main role is played by Matt Damon, and in other roles in the film busy Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig and Sean Bean.

Mobile game based on the blockbuster was designed by Studio Little Labs under license from Fox Digital Entertainment and advised the creators of the project personally wear. The game is made in the genre of a text quest. Gamers need to help the astronaut Mark Watney to cope with numerous challenges and survive on Mars. His life depends on the actions of the player, who has to take serious decisions and to use resources wisely.

In the first weekend at the U.S. box office (from 2 to 4 October) “the Martian” by Ridley Scott earned $55 million and took first place in the ranking of box-office. Compare with the picture released in October 2013 “Gravity” Alfonso Cuaron.

“The Martian” lost “Gravity” and the number of positive reviews from critics. Of the film, Cuarón was 97% (according to Rotten Tomatoes), and Scott is 94%, which, however, did not stop to acknowledge his very “fresh” and also to note the visual effects and the game Damon. There is no doubt that “the Martian” will pay for your 108 million budget.

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Download The Martian: Official Game for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch from the App Store at this link. The game was estimated at $ 169.

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