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3 accessory that improves the fixation of headphones Apple EarPods

Apple seems deliberately created imperfect product – EarPods. The sound quality is increased compared with the previous model, but they fall out of your ears so easily that sneaking suspicion: whether the flower fairies were carried out final tests?

The problem is endemic, otherwise manufacturers wouldn’t release specific accessories to solve. Today in this article three models of clips for Apple headphones that allow them to safely stay in your ears.


Kickstarters project EarSkinz collected for the month of nearly $30 000 at the start of the special sealing rubber gaskets. This flexible device that slides on the wire EarPods and due to the elastic segment holds the earphone in the ear. Only unhealthy people (and that’s how we look in the eyes of the robots) are willing to pay for a small rubber band as a pack of good-quality condoms. Apparently, in the marketing Department of Apple sitting level 80 mages.

Structurally Sprng represent two springy plastic sticks, which cling EarPods and are inserted into the ear. Protruding rounded tip presses on the external cartilage of the ear and prevents the accessory to fall out. Minimalist design in white and light grey color scheme goes perfectly with EarPods, making the gadget is barely visible, and not break the General appearance of the headphones.


Owners of the Apple EarPods, are familiar with the problem of being removed from the ear, can also use the holder Earbudi. Two handles made of soft plastic attached behind the ear and keep the speakers in the ear passages in the correct position. Accessory sells for $ 10 and come in four colors – white, pink, blue and green.


Accessory called Earhoox also intended to solve the problem drop-down Apple earbuds. He is a soft silicone lock, which makes the accessory more comfortable, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle. The product was created specifically for the “ears” of Apple, but also suitable for other types of headphones. You can buy Earhoox different colors. Each pack contains clips of different sizes to be useful to both adults and children.

Originally, the creators Earhoox develop their products for athletes. However, soon I realized that the clamps are ideal for all social groups and ages.

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