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20 apps that should be on the home screen of your iPhone

Don’t be surprised, but among the iPhone owners you can find a lot of users who have not even tried to move and organize apps on the home screen. Moreover, some of them don’t even know how to do and use the standard arrangement of icons. Wanting to solve this problem, the portal BGR has offered a selection of 20 best apps for the home screen iPhone.

For a start it is worth mentioning that you can change the position of icons on the screen and group them in folders at their discretion. Just hold your finger until the program shortcuts will not go into move mode, and drag them as you prefer. The idea is to group the most useful and frequently used shortcuts on the home screen for quick access. To find the program convenient to use Spotlight, but experience shows that running applications from the first screen faster.

So, let’s get to the list of 20 selected programs.

The phone, Messages and Mail

These are the basic apps that should be on your home screen. It is helpful to transfer them to the dock. As for the Apple mail client, you can easily use any other at will (Yandex.Mail, mail, Gmail etc).


The organization of your Affairs and events is very important, so keep the Calendar in a prominent place to quickly edit your schedule and add new events. As in the case of mail, can replace the standard Calendar third-party. A good alternative would be Timpage from Moleskine.


Users indeed often trigger settings. The location of the icons > on the first screen has become particularly relevant after the advent of iOS and 9.3 3D Touch technology.


The standard Maps app from Apple works well, but for him, there is an excellent alternative in the form of maps Yandex and Google.


There is no need to launch a browser for a web search. Google app for iOS is much faster and allows you to use the Google Now assistant.

Safari or Chrome

The browser is one of the most commonly used applications, so make sure its icon is on the first page or in the dock.


The standard Weather app from Apple or a similar solution from third-party developers should be always at hand, ready for any surprises in the form of frost or precipitation.


If you spend a lot of time looking at your photos, don’t forget to move the Photos app from Apple on the first screen.


Select among WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and other applications one or two messenger, with which you most often exchange messages.


Surely you open the client social network Vkontakte over 50 times a day, so there is no reason to keep it beyond the first home screen of the iPhone.

Twitter, Instagram, Odnoklassniki

Select two apps to access the most frequently visited social networks, in addition to Vkontakte.


Apple Music, Zvooq, Google Music, Yandex.Music and any other app for listening to music or Internet radio should definitely be on your home screen.


If you have no second half, you can send from the home screen, the increasingly popular app for online Dating.


If you enjoy watching videos on your iPhone, select the app with which do it most often (YouTube, Amediateka, etc.).


Select a news app to be kept up to date with the latest events. For example, Reeder or Fiery Feeds RSS reader (MacDigger, news TASS, etc.)


This app or its third-party alternative must be present on the first screen, if you don’t add reminders using Siri.

Favorite game

Do not clutter the first screen of the game. Leave only one that is played most often, and all the rest put in a folder on another screen.


Last but not least, a notes app. Can use standard or, for example, Evernote.

If you have the space for on the first screen, then correctly pick the appropriate application.

In addition to the most important programs should specify those that will be redundant on the home screen.

Applications that are not needed on the first screen

App Store: do you spend a lot of time there?

Camera: don’t waste space on the first screen, because to turn the camera on the iPhone from any screen from the control center.

Watch: as is the case with the camera — open the control center and click on the clock icon.

Calculator: also located in the control center.

Contacts: access the contact list is available on the special tab from the app

iTunes Store: no comment.

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