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14 romantic apps from Apple for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day or Valentine’s Day which we will celebrate on Sunday has become a big trend in recent years. All rush to congratulate their loved ones, give each other Valentines. Certainly, you have already prepared gifts for their halves, but if to buy postcards and shopping you have no time — there’s a good way to congratulate your loved one, not leaving it unattended.

The App Store features many apps dedicated to the Saint Valentine’s Day: the social network for two, work on your photo, prepare a romantic dinner, a selection of gifts and, of course, test for compatibility. MacDigger offers a selection of apps that will be useful during the holidays.

Between – free (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch)

Social network for two. Between – safe way to store and share memories with just one important person for you. The application also has a chat for two, a joint calendar and to do list.

Avocado: For Couples – free (iPhone)

Amusing and reliable application for communication in the narrowest circle, namely with his second half. Share love messages, plans, lists common occupations with drawings and funny captions to them in one convenient app. Avocado will help you stay connected with your loved one, even if you are temporarily thousands of miles away from each other. It is a personal space for the two of you that allows you never to part with his half.

LINE camera – free (iPhone)

Liven up your photos and share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks! The application allows you to add a special charm and charm right on your shots with the new function of “Beauty”. Also for you prepared more than 5000 stickers for all occasions – you can spice up your photos and before Valentine’s Day.

Love Test – free (iPhone, iPad)

Want to know how compatible you are with your other half? Love Test will help to answer this question in a few seconds. Just enter your name and your partner’s name.


Bon Appetit – free (iPad)

If you want to surprise your soul mate and cook something fancy at home, app Bon Appetit – what you need: more than 6000 recipes, which are updated every month, is a useful equipment for cooking, tips and tricks, and step-by-step video instructions.

Minibar – 169 p. (iPhone, iPad)

More than a hundred of the best recipes on cocktails. The app includes clear instructions on preparation of the beverage, pictures and interesting facts about the cocktail. Impress your mate.

Gettable – free (iPhone, iPad)

Arrange a romantic evening for two, this will help the app Gettable that will choose the best option from over 1500 restaurants across Russia. Through the app you can see the interior space inside, browse online menu and book a table.

Touchnote – free (iPhone, iPad)

Your significant other is in another city or even country? Send a real postcard with the courier.

Print photos from Instagram – Printic – free (iPhone)

Print these vintage photos directly from your iPhone or iPad — this will be much more original than the same type of Valentine cards. Best app suitable to simulate the technology of instant printing from 70-ies. Just select photos and curators of their prints in vintage format and send by mail to anywhere in the world with delivery within 3-5 working days.

iPictory – free (iPhone, iPad)

With iPictory you get a few minutes to turn photos from your iPhone or iPad in miraculous gifts, namely, mugs, t-shirts, magnets with your photos and images. The app has all the tools needed for photo processing: filters, cropping, upload images from social networks. Delivery is carried out in 16 cities of Russia.

Flo flowers – Flowers delivery – free (iPhone, iPad)

The app will help you gather a bouquet of fresh cut flowers and deliver it for free within 2-3 hours. You will receive a full report including photos!

Fair Masters – free (iPhone)

Guide to online shopping author and designer items from Russia. Choose a truly unique, one of a kind gifts and make purchases directly from your iPhone at any time convenient for you.

Etsy – free (iPhone, iPad)

Global marketplace Etsy is created to promote products made by hand by artisans from around the world. The trip to the store before February 14, is one of the best ways to make a unique and quality gift to the other spouse, such extravagant things as a necklace with blocks or decorations from metal and feathers. Along with this you will be able to explore the culture and design traditions of craftsmen from different countries.

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