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11 iOS users will appreciate the feature that appeared on Android in 2012

With operating system version iOS 11 Apple intends to introduce real support for multiple users. This feature, according to 9to5Mac, should become the main innovation of the new OS on the iPad. You will not worry to give the tablet to, say, baby or to use a single gadget for the whole family.

That Apple implements support accounts on Apple TV was reported last week. According to the source, the company is not limited to television pristavko and implements this capability on the iPad. Tablet users can switch between multiple accounts, each with specific content in Apple Music, iTunes, iCloud, Photo, etc.

Switching between accounts is likely to be accompanied by identification by Touch ID or password. On the iPhone this functionality will probably not be available.

“This option is difficult to imagine on the iPhone, but iOS definitely need guest mode. Now you can easily share your iPhone with someone who needs to make a call or search for information in Google without having to give that person full access to personal information.

You can bet that the main issue on iOS that prevents the appearance of supporting accounts is available memory that is not on the Mac. But the iPhone and iPad are available with 256 GB drives, so this is not a problem”.

It is assumed that the different accounts in iOS 11 each other in any way do not intersect. They use different Apple ID accounts, different applications, different personal information, including, for example, photos and videos from the camera. All settings of the gadget, they will be specified separately.

It should be noted that this function will not be a novelty for mobile devices. Support for multiplayer appeared on Android back in 2012.

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