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“We’re talking about espionage”: the lawyers demanded to disable the transmission of personal data of Russian citizens on servers in Microsoft and Apple

The Russians began to complain to the attorney General on the new operating system Windows 10, which is accused of collecting personal data of users. The petitioners argue that the OS is already being used or will be installed in the Russian medical institutions, police stations, tax authorities and other state structures, which poses a threat to the safety of large amounts of confidential information. Under the hot hand and got the iOS operating system was accused of transferring sensitive data of Russians Apple.

“The operating system gathers information. We as users will potential clients to those organizations and third parties that will be placed in your Windows advertisement. Besides the fact that she Microsoft collects this information may refer, for example, government services of America, at the request of U.S. courts, it was also partially transmits some information to those third parties for which it is the advertiser,” said the lawyer Bureau “Bubnov and partners” Alexey Kuznetsov.

The lawyer said, it is about collecting passwords, history of websites visited and other personal information of users. He believes that these data Microsoft can use at their own discretion, including to share with third parties and our partners to advertisers. In addition, personal information of the user may be provided and various intelligence agencies.

According to Kuznetsov, the applicants want Microsoft made changes to your operating system, changed the settings on the transfer of data. They insist that the default OS, which transmit information about user activity on the company’s servers must be disabled, and they can be invoked only at the request of the user. Otherwise it violates Russian laws governing the storage of personal data.

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“Microsoft should implement an option to disable the transmission of user data when installing the system for government agencies and those agencies where the important privacy information. Moreover, this issue concerns not only Windows, but also a number of other systems, including iOS,” concluded the lawyer.

Microsoft has already denied the charges, saying that the data is not passed on to third parties. And the function of transmitting information to improve our software is easily attached and configured.

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