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10 standard dials Apple Watch [video]

Apple Watch is the first accurate clocks. They can do everything that needs to be able wrist chronometer. The dials are presented in a rich assortment, and each of them deeply and thoroughly adjusted to all tastes and preferences. The display can display alarm clock, weather, sunrise and sunset, change the color, detailing minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

Buyers of the Apple Watch is not possible out of the box to set your own photos as background images on the clock, but the selection of ready-made wide enough. The property owner has 10 different designs: Chronograph, Color, Modular, Utility, Mickey mouse, Simple dial, X-Large, Motion, sundial and Astronomy.

The Apple experts have worked extensively on every screensaver. For example, thanks to the dial, the Movement, the user can check the time displayed on the background of fluttering butterflies, floating jellyfish and flowers drop. One of the flowers for the Apple Watch has been photographed more than 24,000 times over 285 hours of 11.8 days). Thus was the animation drop-down Bud. In order to remove the movement of jellyfish, in the Studio Apple was established aquarium, where it was shot on a Phantom camera at a speed of 300 frames per second.

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