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The best WinterBoard themes for iOS 9

The jailbreak community has long been offering their themes for iOS, creatively re-examining the vision system elements. The oldest package for visual transformation WinterBoard completely transforms the interface of the iPhone or iPad, including icons of standard applications, folders, panel and system icons.

Along with the release of iOS 9 designers have updated their existing themes and released, many of which have already been tried out by users. In our collection are some of the best Winterboard themes that you can put on your iOS device.


One of the main features Veexillum — the same type of icon design, which does not look boring. This effect is achieved through the use of several basic colors (white, green, blue and violet) in conjunction with the logo or symbol in the center of the program’s shortcut. This allows you to achieve a perfect balance between the uniqueness and the adherence to a single style.

The background color in this case helped arrange the icons and quickly identify them. For example, the iMovie app, and OneNote icons with purple and white logo combined with each other, but not merge with the Wallpaper.

This is simple, beautiful and unique theme with vintage style has in its Arsenal hundreds of icons. Veexillum adding to your collection $2.49, you get 600 icons and extensive capabilities to customize the interface of the iPhone and iPad running iOS 7 or later.


In Cydia there are a lot of themes that rely on the design of the shade. But Flatish stands out from this list due to the layered icons with shadows of varying intensity. The result is an unusual effect that no other such interfaces.

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But if any icons are not drawn for Flatish and use standard icons without shadows, then they abruptly fall out of the overall concept design and look out of place. Alternatively, you can hide the display of these icons in the settings as long as they are adapted.

Nevertheless, this topic made me look at the labels of your programs much longer than usual. You can check this by setting Flatish for $3.99 on a device with iOS 7 or later.


Anyone who uses long gadget jailbroken, no doubt heard about ayeris. This theme can be called “candy” because it uses the blur effect and soft palette of colors reminiscent of candy canes. You do not need much time to get used to this design. This is one of the best themes based on standard iOS design.

Also modifies ayeris dock with icons and the status bar. For iPhone theme will cost $3,99. Version for iPad is sold separately.


Another theme that uses the shade. Amber is unique because of the barely visible icons contain symbols and patterns. Ultimately, the icons turned out quite minimalistic, so as not to distract the user, but very rich in details, the study of which you need to spend some time.

Amber, unlike most others, does not use traditional gradient or a single color in the image application icons. The programs logos clearly visible and in most cases you don’t have to pay attention to the names. Amber can be installed from Cydia on all iPhone latest models with the latest version iOS for $1.99.

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Hard to find design, in which there are so elaborated icons. This is one of the most beautiful themes with well-drawn application icons and a nice color palette. Here is the best Instagram icon that only remotely resembled the original design.

Echo is the favorite from the point of view of aesthetics, even despite the small set of icons. But this theme develops and gets more and more themed icons. You can purchase Echo for $2.29 and thereby to maintain the output of the following updates.


Users looking for themes with a minimalistic design, should pay attention to Amor. It has a simple palette with a fairly bright, but at the same time “pastel” colors that are pleasing variety. Logos applications each icon is made with taste thanks to a subtle trick: half of the logo, which is located vertically, horizontally or diagonally, has a darker shade.

The lack of this theme, like many similar Flatish, is that any standard icon too much spoils the aesthetics. Again, the problem can be solved by using the Apex 2, but fans of a single style need to take note. Despite this disadvantage, Amor ideal for fans of flat design. Theme for iPhone can be downloaded from Cydia for $1.99.


The theme brings some changes in the concept of a standard design iOS. Amury is very suitable to use tailored icons with classical. New icons change only partially, so that the usual application icons will not be highly conspicuous.
In addition, Amury looks good on home screen, it brings changes to the system icons and other user interface elements. But still, the main advantage of this theme — new icons harmonious look next to the old. Amury cost of $3.99.

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What topic from this list you think is best? Share your opinion in the comments.

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