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WhatsApp is stuck in the past. Messenger need to copy other people’s ideas

WhatsApp is often criticized, and for good reason. I very rarely run this messenger, but for two weeks of active use found many flaws.

Until 2018 I didn’t use WhatsApp. ‘ve been able to get Telegram and Facebook, sometimes Instagram Direct, at least Facebook Messenger. Over the past five years I opened WhatsApp several times for short conversations. Since the beginning of August I use WhatsApp along with the Telegram. It turns out that the most popular messenger more problems.


When I started to write this article, this paragraph was not in the plan. But after reinstalling iOS, I launched WhatsApp and found that all of my correspondence has gone missing. Digging in the settings, I found that I was not included sync. Yes, 2018, and WhatsApp is not able by default to make a backup of messages.

I can explain that WhatsApp encryption is enabled for all dialogs, so they are bound to the device. But the fact that the backup has not been activated initially, defies explanation.

Due to the fact that encryption is enabled by default for all conversations, and you can’t disable it, there is another problem — poor clients for the desktop. During correspondence with a computer, you may need to hold the phone next to everything worked fine. It’s not always convenient, so I don’t use WhatsApp for computer.

Edit the message

Another useful feature that Telegram, but not in WhatsApp. Sometimes I make mistakes in posts, and edit often helped me. The ending should be changed, the pretext or sign forgot — it doesn’t matter — the edit message always save. But due to the fact that WhatsApp does not have this option, I became less likely to correct mistakes.

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In the dark I’m not comfortable to open applications with a white background, because even at minimum brightness the screen blinding as a spotlight.

I love Telegram for the presence of dark themes, which can be automatically activated. WhatsApp is very dark not enough clearance. Most likely, it never will be, sorry.


Telegram and Facebook I’m constantly sending messages to itself. It can be text, picture, file, document. A dialogue with itself, I use it as a universal clipboard.

In WhatsApp there is a section “favorites”, but there are only important messages. Don’t know why this is necessary, if you simply make a screenshot. It would be ideal if he made it out of a single repository for all content.


Stickers adorn the dialogue. They can be used to quickly convey the emotion that long to describe the message. In Telegram is the perfect library stickers, because to refill it, anyone can.

WhatsApp no stickers. You can only send big emojis, but that’s not an option. First, emoticons are not always able to convey the right emotion. Secondly, Emoji there are no clear and uniform standard, so all manufacturers are different. Third, differs not only emojis but also their number. If your companion is not desired Emoji, he will receive a square instead of funny faces. Stickers solve all these problems.

I’m sure it’s not all the shortcomings of WhatsApp. But the ones I found allow us to say that WhatsApp is the backward messenger. While WhatsApp will introduce new features at a snail’s pace, Telegram will continue to conquer the world.

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