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3 Russian site was included in the hundred most popular in the world

In 2017 the website opened a little less than 27 billion times, is the most visited site in the world. “VKontakte” and “Yandex” were in the top 100.

According to the company Similar Web, Google is the undisputed leader in the number of visitors in 2017. Page opened 26,697 billion unique visitors. Yes, it’s more than the population of the Earth, the unique visitors count per month and are added to the amount for the year. The indicator takes into account visiting PC and mobile devices separately. For example, in December of visits from smartphones and tablets was approximately two times more, and every year the ratio is increasing in favor of mobile gadgets.

Interestingly, the second highest number of visits was site, also owned by Google. This YouTube 22,910 billion visitors. In the hundred located is also a few pages of a search engine for individual countries.

A little behind YouTube, Facebook is in third place with 21,865 billion unique visitors.

In top 100 there are three from Russia. “VKontakte” took 61st place, was on the 68th place, while Yandex is located on the 82 positions. Several sites in the Russian language was in the top 500.

Of course, these Russian sites are leaders in the traffic in Russia. But domestic resources are also very popular in many other countries. So “Yandex” is in the top 10 in attendance in Turkey a few years ago, the company launched its search engine in the Turkish language. Also, the Russian services are popular in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Finland and Israel. This is probably due to the large number of Russian-speaking residents in these countries.

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