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Users of the iPhone complained of “aggressive” advertising of the iPhone 6s the App Store

Apple aggressively advertises iPhone 6s among iPhone users the previous generation. Pop-up banner on the entire screen found on the iPhone 5 Twitter user under the nickname Dirk_Gently.

Running once again on your smartphone App Store, the blogger found the advertising information about the iPhone 6s, which has blocked the display of his device. The inscription on the banner “Ridiculously Power” needs to emphasize the high performance of the new flagship smartphone.

At the bottom of the promotional image of the two buttons “Learn more” and “Updated”. Clicking on the second brings the user to the Apple app Store, where it is proposed to leave an online order on the new iPhone model.

Apple have already used the App Store to promote new iPhone and iPad, but this time advertising was Intrusive enough. In order to continue using the app the user needs to press the “Skip” button. Apparently, the ad code is built into the latest iOS update 9.2.

Before Apple reminded about new products through electronic mailings, a small banner in the App Store or by special app collections, like “Best with 3D Touch” or “Great apps for the iPad Pro”.

Dirk_Gently myself, happy with my iPhone 5, not happy with such advertising, he hastened to write in his microblog: “I Opened App Store on my iPhone 5 and what I see… are You * * * kidding me?”

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