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Apple develops apps for health thanks CareKit

Apple today introduced the CareKit is a new software environment designed to help developers to give everyone the possibility of active monitoring of their health status. IPhone apps that use CareKit, help people follow medical advice, symptoms and medication. The ability to transmit information to doctors, nurses and family members through the application CareKit allows people to take the initiative in maintaining their health.

“We were shocked by how much ResearchKit affected the pace and breadth of medical research. We realized that such an approach may bring benefits in the field of medical observation at the individual level, said Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Apple. — We believe that a tool that allows everyone to clearly understand their health status, opens up vast opportunities and applications created on the basis CareKit, embody these possibilities in reality and allow people to participate more actively in treatment.”

CareKit will be presented next month as a platform open source, allowing community developers to create products on the basis of the first four modules from Apple, which include:

  • Care Card, which helps to monitor the implementation of treatment plan and medical recommendations, such as medication or physical therapy. The implementation of the necessary actions can be tracked automatically and recorded by the sensors of the Apple Watch or iPhone.
  • Symptom and Measurement Tracker, which allows for easy recording of symptoms and well-being, including to measure the temperature and not to miss the beginning of an infectious disease, and to assess the severity of pain or fatigue. Information about the dynamics of status may include simple questionnaires, photographs of wound healing, as well as data on physical activity, calculated using the accelerometer and gyroscope of the iPhone.
  • Insight Dashboard, which displays the relationship between presence of symptoms and recommendations according to the Care Card and demonstrates the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Connect, which helps to provide information about health and changes in condition, and also to discuss these issues with doctors, caregivers and family members.
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“Thanks ResearchKit we realized what incredible opportunities are opening mobile applications to conduct high-quality clinical studies on samples of unprecedented scale at a low cost, said ray Dorsey, MD, winner of professors David M. levy at the medical center of the University of Rochester. — We hope, CareKit that will help to reduce the gap between the results of our scientific research and real treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease. This tool opens up entirely new ways for the democratization of research and medicine.”

Developers of applications for health care and prevention intend to embed the modules in the application CareKit for patients with Parkinson’s disease, app to track postoperative status, health surveillance in the home, diabetes management, mental health and maternal health.

  • Organization Sage Bionetworks and the Rochester University CareKit used to transform mPower — a study based on ResearchKit — useful tool that will more accurately inform patients about their condition, and professionals to care about the specifics of treatment.
  • Texas medical center is developing applications that can control the course of treatment of 8 million patients and help to ensure and improve the interaction of patients with medical professionals on health issues.
  • Medical center Beth Israel Deaconess will provide patients with more information about the course of treatment of chronic diseases with the help of monitoring devices at home, ensure safe storage of data in HealthKit.
  • One Drop offers a convenient way to control your diabetes.
  • Start Iodine helps those who are taking antidepressants, to assess the effectiveness of drugs and to find a more suitable treatment.
  • Glow, Inc. build modules CareKit to your app for pregnant — Glow Nurture. It will help women to take care of health during pregnancy.
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