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Ukrainian students will study the Steve jobs biography

The Ministry of education of Ukraine in the framework of the renewed school curricula for high schools planning to teach the students the biography of Apple founder Steve jobs. About it reports the local edition “News”.

Approved programs for high school students will be implemented in the 2018 school year. However, now we know about some fundamental changes. In particular, it is reported that students will study the work of Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak, noting that the latter has Ukrainian roots.

Jobs and Wozniak the founders of Apple in 1976. In the late 1970-ies they developed one of the first personal computers, possessed of great commercial potential. In 2007, at the MacWorld event, Steve jobs lifted the first iPhone that changed the mobile phone industry. Then slowly began to die the old foundations and the companies they represented: BlackBerry, Nokia, Microsoft saw the future in devices with a touch interface and smartphones, and as a result, all three of these companies are only shadows of their former selves last.

The study of the biography of Steve jobs provides an understanding of how charismatic he was and how this influenced the perception of Apple’s success. The company from Cupertino can not be perceived in isolation from jobs, what he did and how he lived. Apple is a unique case, an incredible coincidence, a series of rare successes. Often, the company came out unscathed thanks to the genius of Steve jobs.

Besides the the biography of the legendary entrepreneur on the lessons to the students of Ukraine will tell about the Association Agreement with the EU and visa-free regime with the EU. And within physical education lessons are planned to teach Rugby, korfball, step-aerobics and cheerleading.

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