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The Russian authorities tripled the number of requests to Apple for access to user data

Apple published a report that disclosed the number of requests for user information from law enforcement agencies that arrived in the second half of 2016. According to the company, in total, from July to December, she received requests from 50 countries.

According to the report, the number of appeals authorities of different countries in the Apple with the requirements of issuance of these increased significantly compared to last year.

In total during the reporting period, Apple has processed more than 30,000 requests from 51 countries, including from Russia. The greatest number of requests for extradition of user data received from Germany – 11711 in the top three also includes the United States and Singapore, which sent Apple 4254 requests and 2235, respectively. Experts explain this situation by the fact that in Germany, especially a large number of owners of Apple devices.

The Russian special services and law enforcement agencies for the second half of 2016, appealed to the Apple 167 times to have access to the 541 devices. 59% of all requests were satisfied. In the second half of 2015, Russia received 58 requests, thus for the year the index rose three times.

According to Apple a large part of the requests received were lost or stolen devices. Queries related to personal information, including credit card numbers, email addresses and phones.

Since the first revelations of Edward Snowden, similar documents are regularly published by most of the largest technology and Internet companies to show that they protect personal data of its customers and are not engaged in mass surveillance of users.

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