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The release of Eclipse 4 for iOS 10 – full night mode for iPhone and iPad

In 2014, the Eclipse application paved the way to a new type of software modding for Apple’s mobile platform. The Creator of the add-in, Guillermo Moran offered an alternative to the traditional white theme of iOS that have been very popular among users. Now in Cydia debuted the fourth version of the program, with iOS 10 full “night mode”.

Moran proposed the concept of visual style for iOS 10 as part of the tweak Eclipse 4. It is no secret that the App Store, Settings, and many of the standard apps in iOS are very bright. Menu design and dominated by white color, like it is not many. Especially uncomfortable light background when working with mobile devices in the evening.

Eclipse adds iOS 4 in 10 black theme, which can be activated from settings. Utility changes the bright white color of the interface to dark, and the font and buttons, by contrast, makes the light. The fourth version of the app worked very efficiently and contains a number of additional options, including the possibility of fine-tuning colors of UI elements and keyboard.

Eclipse 4 supports all the standard apps, including iMessage, App Store, Apple Music, Photos, Contacts, and others, as well as many third-party programs. Any application can be added to exceptions.

To install Eclipse 4 need jailbreak and access to the store Cydia – the program is presented in the form of the tweak. To jailbreak iOS 10 you can use the utility yalu102. Detailed instructions for working with the application published on this page.

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Eclipse 4 is in Cydia in the standard repository BigBoss. The developer has rated the app at $0.99. Users of Eclipse, Eclipse 2 and Eclipse 3 can download the update for free.

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