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Opera released a browser with instant download websites

Opera has released a new version of the proprietary browser with a instant loading web sites. According to the manufacturer, the update is focused on how to make the browser extremely fast.

At the same time as web content becomes more and more difficult, users expect ever-faster loading web pages.

“Web browsers need to evolve even faster to meet the expectations of users. Last year, we accelerated the Opera browser, the built-in ad blocker, optimizing the page load speed and faster start. Now with the instant download pages, we further increased the speed of the browser, reducing the page load time to almost zero,” said Director of development of Opera.

The technology of loading pages with “zero” speed is the algorithm, which allows the Opera browser to predict which website a user types in the address bar and start downloading pages in the background before you press Return.

This technology is able to remember to enter a URL resulted in a download of a particular web page. For example, if a user repeatedly enters “”, the browser will learn how to load the site MacDigger in the background at the stage of entering the address of the website. In addition, whenever you search a particular information with the address bar, the browser will load in the background most relevant to the user page.

The new version runs 13% faster than Opera 42. Moreover, the browser engine has become more productive, which is confirmed by several benchmarks, such as the Speedometer (60.3% faster compared to Opera 42), JetStream (7.7%) and Octane (3,35%).

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Such indicators became possible thanks to the technology of program optimization by the compiler (Profile Guided Optimization), which contributes to a significant increase in speed.

Download Opera browser for Mac and Windows is available for free at this link.

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