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In iOS 11 found a new sound 8 connect iPhone to wireless charging

In the bowels of iOS 11 found a new sound sample, which may be related to the wireless charging in the new iPhone 8. In the new operating system has a file “engage_power.caf”, which is different from the current “connect_power.caf” is used when you connect your iPhone to the power supply.

Author MAKS canal+ was uploaded on YouTube a video in which he compared the both sound. In the second case the sound more continuous. Judging by the sound, it can be used when you connect your iPhone to the wireless charging.

Despite the fact that both files have similar names, while there is no evidence that “engage_power.caf” will be used when the power is connected.

In iOS 10 and iOS 11 a lot of audio files that are not used, and their purpose not quite clear. Access to the sound files in the OS cannot be obtained on the device, you must connect iPhone or iPad to your computer.

It is expected that the anniversary of the iPhone 8, which will be released this fall, will support wireless charging technology. It is not excluded that the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will also get this feature. How to work wireless charging is still unknown.

Earlier this year it was reported that Apple is working on wireless charging with a large radius of action. But such a solution is not yet well developed for the introduction of mass device.

Apparently, the Apple sample 2017 will use inductive charging. This technology has already been implemented in the Apple Watch. For it to work you will need to place the iPhone on a special stand that some of the Lightning connection, though cannot be considered as a complete wireless solution.

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Whatever type of technology, Apple is clearly interested in this direction, as the company recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium, hired many experts in the field of wireless charging and have ordered the appropriate components from manufacturers Lite-On Semiconductor, MediaTek and Luxshare.

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