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The most compact in the world wireless headphones Earin will compete with AirPods

Ahead of the release on the market Apple AirPods headphones, announced along with the iPhone 7, the Swedish startup Earin introduced the rival “Apple” product. The manufacturer calls the device the most compact in the world of wireless in-ear. Each of the “ears” has dimensions of 14 x 20 mm (diameter x length) and weighs only 5 grams.

To achieve minimum size and extending battery life, it was decided to abandon the additional functionality. Earin has no led display, no microphone, which would allow us to use headphones as a wireless headset.

Earin has a built-in wireless controller with support for standards Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0. Special capsule in the form of a cylinder measuring 18 x 62 mm allows you to store the headphones and simultaneously to recharge them. Claimed battery life on one charge the battery up to 3 hours. If you use only one earphone and the second recharge in the capsule, the operating time can be doubled.

However, the creators in the first place talking not about dimensions, but about the quality of the sound. It is argued that it is so high that users of headphones just will not be able to get back to my usual “ears”. In addition, Earin waterproof.

The headphone has its own app that allows you to control the balance of sound, adjust the equalizer and monitor the battery level. Also included is a head designed for a more tight fit of the earpiece in the sink.

Earin looks unusual, plus a gorgeous case, it remains to see how well they perform their primary function – audio playback, and then you can give $ 200, if you are already quite unbearable to wait for AirPods.

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