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Review iPhone 6s: the gold standard

Official sales of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the world has already started, so everybody who does not want to wait two weeks before the Russian launch ready to purchase smartphones and share their experiences. Edition MacDigger offers his view on the new iPhone (thank you

“The only thing that has changed in the new iPhone 6s — all”. This slogan was guided by Apple announcing the next generation of its smartphone and with the same approach it is now trying to promote. At first glance, these words look pure nonsense, because externally, the phone has not changed at all and only got a new colour. As we know, to change the design every year Apple has not accepted, and therefore all changes are deeper display. Yes, we are talking about the 3D Touch, but it is not all that can boast a new iPhone 6s.

Since I started with the main innovations, let’s about it and continue. 3D Touch allows you not only to touch the screen, but also to push him, so the owner receives three degrees of interaction with the already familiar display. Deep clicking on desktop icons will activate a pop-up submenu, the pressure on the links and an image thumbnail opens the preview mode, familiar to any Yabloko on OS X. If in preview mode to push harder, you can jump to the content of this preview. In words it’s all a bit complicated but really simple and you get used to it quickly.

Unusual and uncomfortable only to reach for the top icons, so it would be wise to rearrange all need lower or often use Reachability. It’s nice that all pop-up Windows and menus do not slow down and the device responds instantly, accompanying actions through tactile called the taptic Engine. The problem here, probably only one — to call some submenus have icons required a direct hit with your finger in the icon. You get used to it for the longest time.

What else makes useful 3D Touch? Turns the keyboard into a trackpad with a deep depression (well, the company abandoned the idea of doing it with two fingers on iPhone 6 innovative screen). Pressure on the left edge of the screen and a small tug in the right-hand side allows you to switch between applications or view all the running earlier. Yes, the Home button for this is no longer needed.

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Individual attention camera of iPhone 6s. Front tightened significantly and increase the resolution to 5 megapixels obviously went iPhone good. But the main camera though, and grew up to a more modern 12 megapixels, boasting strikingly different and “better” quality pictures. Photos comparable to the iPhone 6, but the details are worked out a little better. You can not say about the video: recording 4K at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 120 frames per second plug for the belt the most competitors.

Technology Live Photo enabled by default and you may not even know that your iPhone shoots pictures immediately experience a deep touch of the screen. The same principle is made new live Wallpaper with a fighting fish, only on the lock screen I would like to see them move, instead of resorting to depression. On the other hand, to see the lock screen you will now rarely, and all because of Touch ID, the second generation works so fast that sometimes do not have time to remove your finger from the Home button and just see the time on the screen.

Talking about the hardware of the iPhone 6s and iPhone any generally typically pointless, the number of cores and megahertz the average user interested in the least, the main thing that all worked quickly and loaded faster. In this regard, the A9 chip and 2GB RAM do everything possible so you don’t have to wait long for anything. Alas, iOS 9.0.1 still manages to hang and retard in the most unexpected places, even on the new iPhone 6s, so Apple need urgently something to do with it. From curious: Spotlight in iPhone 6s again turns and says hi to all owners of iPhone 6 to iOS 9.1 beta, who now has such problems.

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In General, the new iPhone 6s acts as a competent update to the popular iPhone 6. Here really improved everything I could, not touching, except that, design. But here is debatable. Aluminum is used more sturdy, glass is the most durable in the world, the body became a little thicker and considerably heavier. So here, without changes there were, but the pink coloring was much better than expected — and you can appreciate it in the illustrations.

There is no doubt that the iPhone 6s will again beat the records of sales and to entice users of other systems in the lair Apple. That’s just in the next iPhone I would like to avoid an increase in weight and thickness, and with iOS it’s time to do something — such unstable operation at the start of sales of the new smartphone is unforgivable.

The editors thank the online store for the smartphones.

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