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The magnetic connector for iPhone and Android in the style of Apple MagSafe [video]

The MagSafe concept well known to owners of Apple laptops. This magnetic interface, that is, if the user accidentally touches the cord or forget about him, taking the laptop to hand, the cable can be removed without causing mechanical damage.

Created by the canadian company ZNAPS connector for devices with Lightning connectors and micro-USB works on the principle of MagSafe. Its feature is that the keyboard is held in place by some magnets, so if someone accidentally touches the cord of the smartphone, the cable is simply removed from the mobile device. This reduces the risk of falls and injuries.

Set ZNAPS consists of two parts: Lightning-connector with a contact pad that is inserted into the player or smartphone, and a connector for headphones, speakers and other peripherals. These components are connected to each other due to the magnetic field. To disconnect the two parts, just a small effort.

The intent of the Canadians, the use of magnetic connectors will increase the usability of the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices and better protects the interface connector from moisture or spilled liquids.

It is worth noting that last year, Apple registered a patent for a “smart” MagSafe connectors for iOS devices. According to this document the company wants to use universal magnetic connectors for power supply and data exchange with phones, iPods and tablets. Therefore, the possibility of implementing ZNAPS in the form of mass of the product is questionable.

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