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Headphones JBL E25BT — controversial model is known to the company

Today let’s talk about budget wireless headphones from famous brands. Is it possible to get a decent sound and good quality at a low price?

Recently, to zero, when the phrase “wireless headphones” imagination painted something quite different from what it is now. In this, the latest at the time categories, most often were located a fairly massive headphones, receiving a signal from the docking station. She, in turn, fed from the mains socket and using the aux-cable connected to the sound source. Together formed a massive structure that even the house looked unsightly and take up much space, not to mention the fact that someone wanted to take it outdoors or on a trip.

Since that time, technology has leaped forward, and the term “wireless headphones” means something light, almost weightless, with nothing comfortable to do sports or to walk in the morning to work.

All devoid of wires headphones can be divided into 2 large categories. The first group includes models where wires do not exist at all. Separate the headphones while not in use are retracted into the case-the battery, do not allow them to get lost and prolonging battery life. The second includes devices in which the left and right earphones are connected by wire. In many cases it is the battery and remote control playback. About one of these models today, and will be discussed.

The company JBL great experience, sozdaniyami accessories. In their lineup is the headset different levels, the model E25BT occupies a niche of budget devices. Price in different stores ranges from 2590 to 3490 rubles.

Headphones are supplied in a thick cardboard box except for the headset and included are interchangeable ear pads in two sizes, short USB cable-A to micro — USB, storage pouch and a clip that holds the battery and clings to the collar of garment that headphones was exactly, I will tell about it more, but later.

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Most models of this form factor look similar, and this is no exception. The left and right headphones connected to the touch dense wire which at the center is the battery pack and the control panel on the right side. With it you can turn on and off device to stop/resume the playback, select the next or previous song. On the remote there is a microphone to use the headset. In General the model is made in a serious style, not flashy, but doesn’t look cheap.


E25BT sound good, but no more. The emphasis is on low frequencies, however, an hour and a half to get used with medium and high gain its traits. Fans of electronic music, I’m sure, will be happy. If you look in the direction of something heavier, not very well sound vocals and high notes of the guitars. Lovers of classical music will celebrate the unnatural predominance of the bass instruments over others. For those who do not, it is important with wire headphones or not, but we need the best possible sound I would recommend the Sennheiser CX 3.00. The price is the same, but the sound correct.

About the microphone I will say little, the person almost never understand what I’m trying to tell him. Even when I was in a quiet room.


In Е25ВТ I can say a few nice technical features. For example, to check the battery it is necessary to connect the headphones to the smartphone and is next to the indicator of the battery level of your mobile device will display the headset is charging.

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Headphones also stored in the memory 2 device for fast switching between them. First you need to connect to the first, then three seconds simultaneously hold the middle button and the “+” and on the second device select “JBL E25BT”. After that, reconnect from one to the other will occur fairly quickly.


I have a portable speaker, JBL Pulse, which serves as a faith and truth almost every day for four years. Partly because of this, I looked towards JBL when choosing wireless headphones. However, what was my disappointment when, just three months after purchase E25BT with them began to have serious problems.

I was walking down the street and listening to something from System Of A Down, when one song ended and had to start the next one. However, after a moment’s pause between songs and nothing happened. Moreover, the headphone stops responding to any actions from my side, and housing on me continuously watched a lone blue light. The headset did not respond to any clicking, and I couldn’t even reboot it. Everything was back to normal, when I put the device on charge. After that, such failure to work was repeated 1-2 times a day and for some reason in the road, as well as an external battery I don’t wear, a good half the way I spent without your favorite songs. Presumably, the problem lies in the battery, but to fix or replace the headphones the case is questionable.

At the same time, small parts collapsed and clothespin, so I apologize for the fact that the photo on which it is visible, not mine, but taken from the network. To use BT without the pins E25 is not convenient, as due to the asymmetry of the weight design headphones constantly moving to the right side.

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Note also that the point of attachment of wires to the battery and remote control look very weak. The feeling here is that the cable to ground on plastic.

You can say: “Marriage is everywhere, do you not think that all so?”. I read the reviews and comments of other owners and extremely large percentage of them have experienced the same problems.

Let’s move on to pros and cons, and then I will announce the conclusion.


Simple design
Acceptable sound
Good battery life
Easy fixation on clothing (until it breaks)


Weak microphone
Problems with the battery
Build quality
The non-durable clip for attaching to clothing, without which the use of inconvenience.

JBL E25 BT would be many, due to the ease of use, good sound and a pleasant appearance, however, if You do not want, faced with marriage, constantly uncomfortable with the bugs in the process of listening to your favorite music-I would not recommend it as a wireless headphone to take this model.

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