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The iOS market share is growing, Android and Windows Phone is losing popularity

At the time, as the proportion of devices with the iOS operating system in the market is growing, smartphones, Windows Phone is rapidly losing ground. Observers connect this to delay the release of a new flagship model.

According to the research of the analytical company comScore, the share of smartphones based on Windows Phone and Android in the US is becoming smaller, while the iOS is making progress. However, the most to worry about from Microsoft: the number of owners of mobile devices with this OS is declining rapidly.

Since the beginning of 2015 users of WP-based smartphones in the U.S. was less by almost a million. As of April of this mobile OS was 3.0%, whereas in January the figure was estimated at 3.6 per cent. Lost during this period of 0.6% would mean that approximately 966 000 users moved to other platforms. This decline has been in the States for a long time, but over time he becomes more and more sharp.

The phenomenon is unclear, but there are a number of assumptions. One of them is to delay the release of its new top-end WP-smartphone, which is expected to see early in the year. Because of this, analysts suggest, refuse gadgets on Windows in favor of the iPhone.

Market leadership keeps Android from 52.2%. For the three reporting months she has lost 1%, but the advantage on pursuing its iOS (which scored 1.8 per cent) is still an impressive 9.1 percent. In fourth place is the BlackBerry OS (1.5% of the market), and closes the top five Symbian (0,1%).

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