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The discontinuation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could lead to a rise in price of iPhone

The scandal is exploding with smartphones Galaxy Note 7 has reached such proportions that the U.S. Department of transportation officially banned passengers to take them on Board aircraft, and those who, contrary to the authorities will try to carry the device this model with you in the aircraft, will have to deal with law enforcement. Due to the risk of fire Samsung was forced to cease production of Galaxy Note 7 and recall all the sold to users of the device. TrendForce analysts believe that the discontinuation of the phablet South Korean brand may lead to higher prices for key components of mobile devices and the rise of smartphones.

According to experts, Samsung managed to release about 4 million Galaxy Note 7. It was originally expected that the issue volume this year will reach 10-12 million a Significant part of those who would be forced to abandon Android devices, makes the choice in favor of smartphones manufactured by Huawei, Vivo and Oppo. This means that these producers will increase purchases of components spurring the growth of prices observed due to insufficient supply volumes. As a result, the smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, will have to order accessories at a higher price, which can lead to increased equipment cost.

In TrendForce talking about RAM, flash drives, and displays. Note that Samsung is among the main suppliers of these components, and the display market is one of the leading players.

Samsung announced on 2 September about the massive recall and suspension of sales of Galaxy Note 7 due to the problems detected with rechargeable batteries which could spontaneously explode. Subsequently, in Seoul announced that the defect is resolved, and commenced the exchange of previously purchased gadgets of this model to the new one. However, as it turned out, the problem has not been solved. 11 October, Samsung reported a complete halt of production of the Galaxy Note 7.

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