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Headset for iPhone and iOS 7-smartphone “Motorona”: the craziest gadgets from the market of counterfeit Apple products in China

Have you ever wondered otkuda appear the most unimaginable copies and counterfeits of Apple products and other electronics? Blogger House Esposito, travelling through China, visited the city of Shenzhen and to witness this madness. In Shenzhen put the Apple logo on everything, completely disregarding the copyright. Many times the author seemed pretty funny.

Have you ever heard about Bluetooth headset for iPhone 7? No? But here it is absolutely obsessed with everything! How about an external battery, which looks exactly like iPhone 6s? In China you will find a ton of gadgets with the brand logo Apple. Of course,, uncertified. The design of many of them gives a clumsy forgery, while others can be easily confused with the original product.

The author had the chance to visit the famous electronics market in Shenzhen and buy a few accessories. Pleased price: a gadget like a smartphone Motorona with the operating system in the style of iOS costs about 200 yuan – about 2200 rubles.

The main contract manufacturer of Apple technology is a Chinese Foxconn, which has become a subject of attention. It is interesting to note that the factory is in Shenzhen, in which the author has researched the market for counterfeit Apple products. Hence the assumption that a lot of the fakes are produced in the same place as certified products.

Esposito shot a small video with an overview of the most striking specimens of Chinese art:

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