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The British government demanded access to special services correspondence in WhatsApp and iMessage

Encryption in mobile messengers like WhatsApp and iMessage “totally unacceptable” because it prevents intelligence services in the investigation of crimes. This was stated by the Minister of the Department, amber Rudd, who said that IT companies should cooperate more closely with law enforcement.

Commenting on the fact that the London suicide two minutes before the attack have used WhatsApp, Rudd criticized the company provides its users with end-to-end encryption of correspondence.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that the messages can’t be read, she said. — We must be sure that our intelligence agencies have the ability to get into encrypted services such as WhatsApp”.

According to the Minister, the messenger should not become a “shelter for terrorists”.

“We must make every effort to companies such as WhatsApp and many others like them, do not provide a secret platform for communication of the terrorists with each other”, – said the Minister of internal Affairs of great Britain.

Rudd noted that the developer must provide security services access to encrypted communications.

22 March 2017 a suicide car rammed a crowd of people on a bridge in London, after which wounded a police officer with a knife. Victims of the attack were four people, the gunman was eliminated. It is known that Khalid Masud, was the name of the assailant, used the WhatsApp messenger.

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