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The battle for the containers: a new game based on the popular TV show

Today we have a review of a completely new game, the release of which was held just yesterday. I think many people immediately guessed what the essence of the game, but for the rest I’ll explain – you need to buy containers that are left unclaimed in ports around the world. The problem is that you don’t know exactly what is inside the container and how much it might cost. Complicates the game and the fact that you are not the only buyer and you have to haggle!

In the “Battle for containers” you have to travel the world, the game has 15 major cities, in which you can find over 1000 unique items.

In most cities in the quality of opponents, advocates of computer intelligence, but there are cities where you can bargain with real people which, as a rule, harder to win, but things in containers there more valuable.

To win the container is only half the story, it is important properly dispose of its contents. The easiest way is to sell everything at once, but in this case you will earn less money. The subject can be attributed to the evaluator, who may pay more and may not pay. The third way to dispose of a thing to fix the thing won. As in life, in the game the whole functional items are much more expensive.

Especially favourite items or rarities you can store in your warehouse, and some rarities, such as paintings form a series that you can collect in the collection.

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Gamers have made progress in the game can boast of their achievements with others and to participate in daily exhibitions.

The game “Battle for containers” absolutely free and available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

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