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Telegram isn’t safe anymore: the Russian developers have learned to intercept messages in the messenger

Falcongaze company, the developer solutions in the field of information security and preventing data breaches, has announced the introduction of the functional for control of the Telegram messenger in your software product. A tool called Make that allows you to read correspondence from other users.

Telegram today is one of the fastest growing instant messengers. This channel of business communication, the lack of control which can lead to leaks of sensitive information. Russian developers claim about the presence of vulnerabilities in popular instant messenger.

In SecureTower technology interception of communications in the Telegram. Development provides monitoring chat between users, as well as in groups – conferences with number of participants more than two people. In addition to the incoming and outgoing text messages, Make to realize the interception of voice messages in Telegram and sent all files, including images and videos.

“To meet the wishes of customers, the new version of SecureTower, we implemented the functionality for the control of the messenger Telegram, in the moment is unique” – said the developers.

Functional for control Telegram allows monitoring and evaluation of communication staff of the company, and to identify disloyal employees, communicating with competitors and which are potential sources of leakage of corporate information through this channel, the company said.

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