Video of the day: how iPhone SE 2 lies in your hand

Did you miss the traditional iPhone design with a rectangular display with wide frames on the sides and a Home button? Then you will definitely like the heir to the iPhone SE, which, in anticipation of its announcement, first appeared on the video.

Video of the day: how iPhone SE 2 lies in your hand

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Chinese sources leaked a video to the Network, which, they said, captured the very second-generation iPhone SE, also known as iPhone 9. Of course, the authenticity of this video has not been confirmed. But if we really have the iPhone SE 2, and not a Chinese fake, then it looks good. Here you have a mint-colored glass case, an even metal frame in the style of iPhone 4, and a Home button with a Touch ID scanner. And due to its small 4.7-inch display, the smartphone comfortably lies in the hand. It has one main and one front camera, like the iPhone 8, and there is no 3.5 mm audio jack. To connect the headphones, as in all recent iPhones, starting with the iPhone 7, the Lightning port will be used.

The announcement of the iPhone SE 2, according to rumors, is scheduled for March 31, and the start of sales is scheduled for April 3. The issue price is from 399 dollars.

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