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Study: the house of the Apple employee is 5 times more expensive than the average American

Home Apple employee on average is 5 times more expensive homes of the average American. To such conclusion experts of Zillow, a leading American company in the field of collection and analysis of information on the real estate market.

The researchers found that a sharp jump in real estate prices in California was recorded after the announcement of the first iPhone. Now the average price of a house Apple employees working in Cupertino is $1.14 million With the most significant increase in the cost of housing was observed after the start of sales of smartphones.

In 2010, the cost of housing in California exceeded the average cost of housing in the U.S. three times. The study showed that the estate employees of large it companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple is worth at least $1 million As a result, expensive housing has led to an increase in the cost of rent. Because of this, young professionals just starting a career in the Valley, forced to live in rooms with other people.

Against this background, as noted by the Vc, in a number of cities in the U.S. the Americans are trying to find alternative and more affordable options, such as in San Francisco in 2015 started a real boom for the rental of cargo containers converted for habitation.

According to Zillow, Americans now spend an average of more than 30% of their income to pay the rent. It is the highest rate in modern history of the United States.

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