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Folx, and Elmedia Player for Mac infected with a virus

Recently hackers gained access to the site, the company simultaneously implemented a Trojan into their applications: Folx, and Elmedia Player.

The installation files for both programs were infected with a virus Proton. This malware steals information from browsers, and the logins and passwords of users.

Representatives Eltima confirmed the attack on the servers. The attackers used a vulnerability in code on a fix which already has application developers.

The Trojan was discovered on October 19. Everyone is at risk who downloaded the program Folx, and Elmedia Player on this day. On your computers you should see the following files:

  • /tmp/
  • /Library/LaunchAgents/com.Eltima.UpdaterAgent.plist
  • /Library/.rand/
  • /Library/.rand/

Apple has blocked the developer account that was used to confirm and install the infected apps.

Eltima, in turn “cured” both my product and re-published them on the official website. Those who have downloaded to your Mac virus Proton, you will have to reinstall the operating system to get rid of it.

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