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Smartphone users Google Pixel faced with the problem of file transfer on Mac

Owners phones Google Pixel and Pixel XL began to complain of an unusual problem that affected Mac users. According to “MacOS users”, they can’t transfer data between their devices and the “reference” Android-smartphone.

As it turned out, the problem is not the devices themselves, and the outdated Android File Transfer, which is developing Google. Version program for Mac has the build number 1.0 was released five years ago, when USB-C did not exist in nature. Due to the lack of support of the standard Android File Transfer does not allow transfer between Mac and smartphones Google Pixel any type of file.

Also a problem with data transfer is partly related to the USB-C cable that comes along with smartphones Google. If it is used with other devices, everything works without a problem, and if you use a different cable with Pixel and Pixel XL.

Until then, until Google offered a new version of Android File Transfer with USB support-C, the Mac owners have to turn to third-party applications to transfer data.

Note that this is not the only complaint of the owners of the Google Pixel. Earlier it was reported that after installing the update, the smartphones have become spontaneously off despite sufficient battery level. Amongst the most common complaints of freezing, sound distortion when played at maximum volume and problems while taking the photo.

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