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Half of the long-distance trains in 2017 will be wifi

Half of the long-distance trains to the end of the year will be installed access point Wi-Fi. According to “Izvestia”, passengers will be able to obtain high-speed multimedia content and surf the Internet. To do this in one of the train cars set up a server.

By the end of this year will be equipped with Wi-Fi almost 50% of Russian long-distance trains. As explained in the JSC “Federal passenger company” (FPC, “daughter” RZD), Russia needs about 500 far of trains per day (more in summer than in winter). About half of the servers will be installed, the composition is deployed to the local network to connect to it with access points Wi-Fi. When connecting the user will be redirected to a special website where you can select and watch movies, listen to music, order food from the dining car, get route information and more. All content uploaded trains, so passengers will gain access to high speeds. This way organizations work with content FPC testing with several companies, including “tutu.TV”, TvZavr, and Okko.

Head of the project “tutu.TV” Vladimir Gorgadze told that the company plans to equip trains with Internet and access to multimedia content. According to him, the firm held talks with the FPC, this year must pass the tenders for the equipment of the trains which is “tutu.TV” will take part. According to estimates Gorgadze, access to local content and the “big” Internet will cost the passenger 100-200 rubles per day.

“The price will depend on the duration of the trip. Rate will be 12 hours, 24 hours, for several days. Maybe some movies will be extra, but we are in talks with rights holders to give access to all the content, — said Vladimir Gorgadze. — To access the Internet will use satellites, 3G and 4G from different providers. As well as the technology that uses a “Maxim Telecom” to the metro transit established a small base station.

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The representative of JSC “FPC” has confirmed the fact of negotiations with “tutu.TV” about the organization wireless Internet and access entertainment content.

“First service will be about 5% of passengers, but as you advance service of advertising, I think the Railways can count on a large number of users. Almost everyone will want to watch movies, listen to music. It is important to have the right content, — said Alexey Bardin. — The price is pretty low, I’m sure everyone who bought a ticket for a few thousand, there will be 100-200 rubles,” – said the head of the Association “Internet video” Alex Bardin.

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