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Samsung has officially unveiled Bixby – a competitor to Siri for Galaxy S8 and other devices

Samsung officially introduced the voice assistant Bixby, rumors of which went the last some months. We are talking about svobodata personal assistant with features of artificial intelligence.

Bixby will be built into future Galaxy S8. The manufacturer claims that the technology is “fundamentally different” from the other voice assistants in the market. She is the idea of Viv Labs, which during a presentation last year is very impressive.

“Instead of trying to make people understand how the machine interacts with the world, the car needs to learn and adapt to us” — wrote in blog, senior Vice President of Samsung Inyong Ri.

According to the company, Bixby will use the technology of artificial intelligence and “deep learning”. Its interface should be “natural and intuitive” and easy to learn regardless of the amount of added functions.

Bixby will be able to monitor almost everything a user can do through the app with a touch screen. It also allows you to switch between voice commands and touch input. In addition, the voice assistant will have the opportunity to understand incomplete commands.

According to preliminary data, at the start of Bixby will have support for seven or eight languages, which will be beneficial to distinguish AI from the same Google Assistant. What languages initially will be in the asset helper, is unknown. We can confidently say that the list will be English, Chinese and Korean. Probably it will also support Spanish and German.

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