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86% of all Apple mobile devices running iOS 9

As we recently learned, share Android Marshmallow, announced almost simultaneously with the iOS 9 is currently only 13.3%. Once again to explain what caused it, makes no sense. Differentiation of the Google platform is both its advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

Apple’s approach to this question is completely different, which is not surprising, given the presence in the company’s portfolio of only two smartphones in a year. As it became known, the share the new iOS 9 on the market of iPhone devices has reached 86%. Another 11% are on iOS 8. The remaining 3% of devices operate under the control of the older variants of Apple’s operating system.

By the way, these data can be compared to results one year ago. For example, in early August 2015, iOS 9 was 85%. This means that in the current year users a bit more actively switched to a new version of the system.

An important role in increasing the share of iOS 9 have played the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which was released simultaneously with the new platform. Accordingly, the more people bought flagships, the growing share of OS.


Analysts state that in the past the speed of propagation of the current version of the operating system slowed down. There have been suggestions that at the time of the release of iOS 10 the share of the previous release will reach 90%. But at the moment iOS 9 grows very slowly. “Ten” will be released in the second half of September – the exact date Apple will announce the iPhone 7.

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