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Russian Twitter user has posted an ISO image of an early build of Windows 10 Cloud

As you know, in the latest test builds of Windows 10 have found mention of the new operating system Windows 10 Cloud. Apparently, this OS will resemble the Windows platform RT and Windows 8.1 with Bing, which were unable to break into the big market. Today, the user from Russia under the name Adguard posted a link to an ISO image of an early build of Windows 10 Cloud.

References to the “cloud Windows” was first spotted in the Windows 10 SDK to build 15003. Initially it was assumed that Cloud, Windows 10 will have the opportunity to exchange information with the cloud Azure also considered the possibility of the emergence of a completely new cloud service of the company.

However, apparently, the new “Windows” will have little in common with cloud services, and the word “cloud” in its name is a reference to the light version of the traditional Windows that can work on cheap and inefficient equipment and support only apps and Universal Windows platform.

In Windows 10, the Cloud will not be available programs, and instead, users will be able to download the software from the Microsoft Store. For developers will be available a special Converter which will allow them to upload a program to the Windows store and to create applications.

Microsoft has taken this step, probably, from security reasons: since all applications are stored on its servers, the company can control their content and to prevent malicious attacks and attempts to introduce infected.

It is unclear when Microsoft will release Windows 10 Cloud, however, judging by the references to the Creators update Update, it could happen pretty soon. It is also possible that Redmond will first test a simplified version of the operating system, and its release will take place simultaneously with the release of the next scheduled update for Windows 10 towards the end of the year.

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