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NitroQ: portable battery charged 10 times faster than conventional batteries [video]

The company announced NitroQ unusual backup battery. It would seem that the range of external batteries available to owners of smartphones and tablets, making the model just another not too interesting product. However NitroQ stands out against a third-party backup power sources at record speed charging. If the claimed characteristics are accurate, the product may attract the attention of iPhone owners.

Normal portable battery fills with charge, necessary for one time fully charge a smartphone battery in about an hour and a half. For NitroQ with the same capacity is enough for only 7 minutes, that is 10 times smaller. This means that the user can before leaving the house to put the device on charging for a few minutes to get in the way and fully charge your iPhone.

Structurally, the NitroQ battery similar to batteries used in electric vehicles. High speed energy was achieved by a special technology which allows to use all the power output of the power supply for quick and stable charging without overheating.

Optimization of multiple channels of electricity supply is allowed to reduce the load on each battery cell to a level that is usually achieved when using conventional chargers. NitroQ up to 1500 charge cycles.

The creators NitroQ plan to gather at the launch of the new $ 50,000, up to this point, the amount of fees approaching $ 10,000. Pre-order available for $60, this device is expected in August.

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