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Phone 8 could eventually get the name “iPhone Decade Edition”

Scheme naming the “Apple” of smartphones this year are likely to change. According to tradition, when after the iPhone 5 was announced the iPhone 5s and after the iPhone 6 came out the iPhone 6s this year, it would seem that the iPhone 7s. However, insiders claim that it is not.

It was expected that the new flagship will be called iPhone 8. Thus, Apple wants to emphasize that this year will be slightly modified apparatus, and a radically new model that differs greatly from its predecessor. The new version will be more diagonal of the screen changes also should be expected in the design and functionality of the device.

As reported SlashLeaks citing informed sources, most likely, the future flagship of Apple will be called iPhone 8, and “iPhone Decade Edition”. At least, so says one of the manufacturers of accessories for Apple devices. It is recognized that this step would be quite logical, given the current naming scheme of smartphones.

By the way, cupertinos and before that, used the console Edition in the title, in particular, in the premium version of smart hours Apple Watch Edition made of gold or white ceramic. This spring, the Japanese resource Mac Otakara reported that next Apple phone will be called the “iPhone Edition”. It is possible that in Cupertino is considering several options and still undecided.

On the Internet there are a lot of pictures of new items coming. It can be assumed that the device is ready and is actively produced in factories Foxconn, but still need to bring them to a release condition, to carry out the final tests, even Apple is not likely pick all this stuff up so quickly.

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How about they just call the new device, its announcement is likely to be expected in September and the start of sales in October. Along with the “iPhone Decade Edition” company will present two versions of the modest style of the iPhone 7, which, most likely, will be called the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus.

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