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Nintendo has no plans to add new content in Super Mario Run

Platformer Super Mario Run, which was pompously presented at the autumn press conference Apple is expected has won great popularity among iPhone and iPad users. The game was released just a few days ago, but already boasts a serious number of downloads.

Despite a record load rating Super Mario Run in the App Store are quite low — only 2.5 stars out of 5. Mostly users complain about the high cost for the discovery of all content. However, as it became known, no additional content in the future Nintendo to add to the game are planned. It comes as paid DLC or free.

According to the WSJ, Super Mario Run will remain exactly the same as it is today and in the future. This is the final offer without updates: no new characters, levels and tests. Many analysts agree that this is a very strange move by Nintendo, considering that the mobile gaming market exists due to the constant small updates and adding new content.

Super Mario Run has become a major mobile hit the last time — the game also brought about 5 million on launch day. However, Nintendo shares continue to fall amid the record of downloads for the game.

Since the release of Super Mario Run 15 December, the company’s shares fell by 11%. The number of downloads exceeded 37 million copies since its release in the App Store on 15 December, at the moment its rating is 2.5 stars out of five.

“It is possible that Mario is the most popular franchise in the world, and yet we see that only 8% have downloaded the game bought it,” said the analyst from the Sensor Tower of Gabriel Spencer.

Nintendo has taken the decision to enter the market of smartphones and tablets after shareholders expressed concerns that mobile games are a direct threat to the line of Nintendo console, which includes Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U and the recently announced Nintendo Switch, the newspaper writes.

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