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AirPods headphones recognized threat to the environment

Specialists iFixit disassembled the AirPods and came to the conclusion that earphones can pose a serious risk to the environment. On Wednesday, writes Reuters.

The main disadvantage of the design of AirPods from the point of view of experts, is that the tiny lithium-ion batteries are firmly affixed to the body. The inability to separate the battery from the case would seriously impede the recycling process.

According to Executive Director of iFixit Kyle Vince, Apple managed to sell about 1.4 billion pairs of wired headphones, the EarPods, the total weight of which amounted to more than 14 000 tons. Experts believe that the AirPods can disperse the same edition in the next 10 years. Given the problems with the disposal, a new accessory could pose a threat to the environment.

Commenting on the accusations of the representative of Apple said that the old wireless headphones can be returned to the company for processing. However, he declined to comment on the issue of utilization of the accessory.

The autopsy showed that to obtain access to the interior AirPods impossible without damaging the housing. The same applies to charging case. In the design of the headphones is very durable adhesive. Also noted were the high packing density of parts. As a result, iFixit has recognized the novelty of a completely non-repairable. Assessment — zero points out of a possible ten.

The earphones themselves have a very complex structure. They used a specially designed processor W1. Each earphone has received dual array microphones, dual optical sensors, accelerometer movement and voice accelerometer.

Last week Apple began taking orders for the AirPods in your online store. The cost of the accessory in Russia is 12 990 rubles.

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