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Microsoft revealed a plan for the conquest of the PC market in the coming years

In Microsoft believe that the company has figured out the future of personal computing. The PC market is not growing here for 6 years, but that doesn’t mean he’s not evolving or changing.

Matt Weinberger from Business Insider was lucky enough to chat with representatives of Microsoft at CES 2018. The journalist said that the Corporation relies on computers with good battery and LTE module. Such workstations the company calls “Always-connected PC” (Always Connected PC, or abbreviated as ACPC).

One of the main elements of any business strategy is timeliness. This thesis will confirm the dozens of one-day streaming companies that were closed a year and a half before the explosion of YouTube. In Microsoft believe ACPC trend of the next years, and this trend is going to support both at the software and iron.

According to the Vice-President of Microsoft’s Matt Barlow to get into the company invented the category of ACPC, the device must meet certain requirements:

To work from one battery of 13 hours ?;
to have the module LTE ?;
— to be thin and light (the exact parameters are not specified) ?;
— work on Windows 10’s default ?.

Global PC makers are involved in ACPC-party: HP and Asus and will soon announce a new model. Lenovo brought to the CES, a thin laptop Miix 630 ARM processor from Qualcomm. Lacking only Dell and Acer, to fill the list of the world’s major PC vendors for Windows.

Separate conversation about Windows 10’s

Last year, Microsoft released operating system called Windows 10 S. it is a stripped down version of Windows 10, which “in order to improve performance and security” are only apps from the Windows Store.

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This limitation leaves the user without a number of advantages:

• You can forget about Chrome, Opera and FireFox. Only Edge Windows with a limited set of extensions.
• You can forget about Steam, Origin and Battle.Net. Instead Kontrstrayka and Hearthstone at your disposal only a browser game and skudnenko selection of Windows Store.
• You can forget about the full packages of work programs, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. Only limited mobile version.

Over the past six months Microsoft have not answered to the question: what Windows 10’s better than Chrome OS? Google operating system also works with the preinstalled browser, but the software in the Play Store is much more than in Windows Store. The Chrome OS apps are optimization problems, since the program was developed for mobile devices, but Windows Store has a bunch of other problems, including optimization.

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