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Microsoft introduced a new version of Windows

Microsoft at an event in new York, presented the technological innovations and software updates. Among other things, was announced the monoblock Surface Studio, designed to compete with the iMac, and the update to Windows 10 with support for 3D objects in augmented and virtual reality.

The new version of the Microsoft operating system called Creators Update. It includes an updated version of the standard program Paint, which for the first time in its history will allow you to create 3D graphics without special professional skills.

The app allows you to create scenes with three dimensions, the volume effect will be achieved due to the movement of objects along a third axis in depth, in addition to the usual movements of the left and right. When creating images you can use as a ready three-dimensional objects from a directory and to add your own photos.

As explained by the representative of the group of developer updates, Megan Saunders, in order to create a 3D image, you will need to draw it on the plane, and then use the special functions automatically to “give it volume”.

Created three-dimensional models can be printed on a 3D printer. Saunders called this feature “a new step in the development of innovations”.

In addition, three-dimensional model will be integrated into the Microsoft Office package and the browser Edge. 3D objects find practical application. So, using the headset HoloLens can be used in virtual reality or augmented reality with a special helmet. Microsoft is demonstrated that using 3D models to tell if furniture from an online store to the interior of the house.

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Other details Windows update, the company said, noting that the main focus will be on applications with new features related to 3D and virtual reality.

“If we give the world the opportunity to experience 3D, there will come a new era in the presentation of information, the new age of innovation <…> Creating 3D content should be as simple as taking a picture,” said Saunders.

The Creators update Windows 10 Update will be available for users in spring 2017.

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