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Mercedes-Benz introduced household batteries Energy capacity from 2.5 to 20 kWh

Domestic battery Tesla Powerwall that allows you to store electricity, there was a competitor from Mercedes-Benz. In sale unit Mercedes-Benz Energy for home use.

The same as the Tesla battery packs, Mercedes-Benz was originally developed for electric vehicles. They can also be charged from solar panels or accumulate energy at night in order to spend it during peak load on the utility grid, allowing you to save on the fare difference.

One Liteiny battery Mercedes-Benz is able to store up to 2.5 kWh of energy and within the Energy station you can combine up to eight such batteries, organized storage for 20 kW/h of electricity. The company is ready to offer more capacious battery, but for industrial use.

The cost of the kit of the Mercedes-Benz Energy depends on the number of cells, additional solar panels, an inverter, an energy management system and installation by certified specialists.

Tesla previously announced that the demand on battery Powerwall exceeded all expectations. Therefore, the appearance of competitors will be useful to the market. Unfortunately, it is not known what price will be offered household batteries Mercedes-Benz. Household variant of Tesla Powerwall new generation designed for 13.5 kW/h and costs about $5500.

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