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Russian “quantum telephone” ensure absolute secrecy of conversations

The Russian company “infoteks” together with the Moscow state Lomonosov University (MSU) will present a prototype of a “quantum telephone” with an innovative encryption method this summer. About this report “Izvestia” with reference to representatives of the developer.

The development of “quantum telephone” at MSU and the company “infoteks” was launched in early 2017. It is planned to develop a brand new smartphone and use one of the commercially available devices. The connection between the subscribers will be carried out through the development of “Infoteks” VipNet Connect. In a basis of technology development, Moscow state University for the transmission of the so-called quantum encryption keys that provide a high degree of data protection.

According to the head direction network solutions “infoteks” Leonid Tychyna, the phone can be interesting to consumers due to the absolute secrecy of telephone conversations. If a foreign entity tries to “listen” to the transmitted information, the quantum will be able to notice the activity and modify the information.

“Issues in today’s world of information security are becoming increasingly important, and phone communication also requires encryption. Of course, if you want to keep your conversation in secret, — he explained.

However, the rector of the University “Innopolis” Alexander Tormasov believes that the hacking of quantum systems is a marketing exaggeration, though it is one of the promising areas of encryption.

The developers will present the first prototype of the smartphone this summer.

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