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Lite was released SemiRestore for iOS 10 / iOS 10.2

The popular jailbreak-SemiRestore tool got an update and is now compatible with devices running iOS 10.2. Utility allows users to return the device to factory settings, removing all installed tweaks and extensions, while preserving the jailbreak.

Tool Cydia Eraser, previously called Cydia Impactor that works in a similar way, but it completely removes the jailbreak from your device by storing a version of operating system. Depending on the desired result and method of application, SemiRestore is more preferable option for many users.

The latest version of the utility was called SemiRestore 10-Lite. The new version is installed directly on the device, whereas previously the tool was working under Windows or macOS. This means that the user needs to download the file to your iOS device, and then use a file Manager of type iFile to move it into the directory /usr/bin and install all the necessary permits.

Not very convenient installation method is for advanced users. However, the team CoolStar confirmed that it is ready to release a full version of the tool, if necessary.

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