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The number of games for Mac on Steam crossed for 4500

If five years ago someone said that in 2017, the Steam will be four and a half thousand for Mac, few would have believed. Now it happened, however much enthusiasm among the “MacOS users” is not observed. Apparently the number of games and their quality is still not a critical mass.

According Macgamerhq, player development, designed for Mac, the popular digital distribution service of games from Valve has exceeded 4500. Considering how infrequently use the Mac as a gaming platform, the result is quite good.

Online store, Steam for Mac was launched in 2010. At that time, the catalog consisted of only 68 games. A year later the collection was filled with 25 projects. In 2012 for macOS was available for 147 games, and in 2013-m – 269. After a year, Mac users have recorded a sharp increase in the number of game apps in Steam: in 2014 there have been 759, in 2015-m – 2500, and now more than 4,500.

Steam is more than just a store. It is the center of entertainment for any gamer that stores all in-game achievements, leaderboards, makes the selection of online opponents. All games are played using the technology of Steam Play. It allows you to buy one time the game, download and play it on any other computer or platform.

Four and a half thousands of games for Mac is not just a big figure in itself. It’s a lot, even when compared to the number of Windows games on Steam. Last there are about 13 000, and games for Linux and SteamOS — 3 thousand.

Previously, the company Valve, developer of game platform Steam, has published a press release containing interesting information about the shop. So, the most avid gamers are the owners of laptops MacBook Pro. They account for 52% of accounts on Steam. On the second place in popularity among gamers – iMac (23,44%).

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