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“It would be better to build new Parking”: motorists have criticized the app for the struggle with drivers-infringers

The mobile application “public inspector” was launched in 2014. The user who recorded the violation, it sends a message that arrives at the information technology center, where experts distribute the notice by the district inspections. After that, the traffic police decide on considering or rejecting messages. Taking into account the existence of the violation, the quality of the photo or video. Then the Ordinance on administrative violation.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Informatization and communications, in 2 years the application was filed more than 49 000 applications, of which more than 7 000 rejected in the contact center and the rest transferred to the work in the traffic police.

The most common violation – “Parking on the sidewalk”. This topic came 24 000 messages, 20 of which are already ordered. Second place in the rating takes the complaint “Parking on the green zone” and “failure to provide benefits to pedestrians.” General statistics fines imposed by virtue of “public inspector” is:

“This app can be created for all, but it is convenient for pedestrians only, – shares the opinion of Dmitry Zolotov, Chairman of the Federation of Russian car owners. – Many of my friends pay the fines, because I don’t want to spend the time to appeal from 1500 rubles. But I think the drivers in the principle of the special issue the fines “from the app” is not present: most of them are easy to appeal”.

Indeed, the message about the violation of work need to try hard. As they say in the traffic police, many notifications are rejected because of no clear patterns of violations or poor quality photos/videos. For example, illegal Parking is not approved, because the photo shows only the car, but really if it’s parked incorrectly is unknown. Or here is such a case: in winter do not miss pedestrians on the crossing, which is a subtle, almost invisible markings. In this case, to make the photo so that in addition to marking was visible crosswalk sign.

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Edition Sntat asked the car owners, whether they come from the fines of “Inspector” and how they act on them.

Ales Masakowski had to pay a Parking ticket at the entrance:

“I paid 1000 rubles, and I think that the state simply replenish your pockets in this way. But it would be better if they built Parking lots for people.”

Azat Khalilov came the fine for Parking on the sidewalk:

“Its fine I appealed in district court. In the code of administrative violations stipulates that the violation must be fixed by a special tool with photos and video, operating in automatic mode. In the “people’s inspector” this mode is not available. Our judges correctly interpret the law, so my fine was appealed and no questions have arisen”.

Fanis Bakhtiev he used the program, but it seemed to him not quite comfortable:

“I was ready to catch offenders, but the speed of the location is constantly let down. And then I was on the other side of my car was filmed. A penalty came, but I appealed against it in court.”

Alexander Savosin the penalty paid, and the impression he got from the program respectively:

“If our services were distinguished between the green zone, protected them, designated Parking spaces and sidewalks, to make high-quality markup, etc., and violations would be less. But only more angry people there.”

Note that in March, the app “Assistant of Moscow”, thanks to which inhabitants of capital can inform on non-compliance of Parking rules, learned to fix violations signs “Parking and stopping forbidden”. In the near future, as promised by the developers, the app will be able to find and Parking on pedestrian crossings and sidewalks, especially annoying pedestrians – these functions users are asked to add a very long time.

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