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Apple accidentally missed in the App Store app for iPhone and iPad

The appearance in the App Store fake programs, masquerading as the popular mobile development, has long been concerned about developers. According to them, it has a negative impact on the reputation of not only Studio that makes the hits, but “Apple” store as a whole. This time the App Store hit is quite a legitimate application, but with a slightly different than the functionality.

A program called PG Client is a tool for iPhone and iPad, masquerading under the guise of customer service Dribbble. Application developers were able to deceive Apple, as according to his description, this is a common application for viewing content on the service.

However, to install PG Client on the iPhone and iPad means that mobile device users can perform a jailbreak quite a legitimate means. If you download the program to your device, you can open a root access to the system and to access Cydia.

It should be noted that to jailbreak using the PG Client is possible only on devices with iOS 9.2. to 9.3.3. The iOS updates 9.3.4 and 9.3.5 developers Apple closed Pangu vulnerability used to hack a 64 bit iPhone and iPad.

How long are you staying PG Client in the App Store, is unknown. This is probably the fault of the Apple censors, who later posted an exploit in the official catalogue.

Verification of mobile applications for the App Store do is very carefully, but from time to time in the store still appears illegitimate. Earlier researchers in the field of computer security from Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) as an experiment, added to the directory virus program.

They put in the App Store malware under the guise of the utility for reading the University news. The code snippet is activated after installation on iPhone and iPad: from the remote server downloading the update, which adds various functionality – publishing tweets on behalf of the victim, mail letters, transfer to a server personal information and UDID, photo shooting and others.

Download the jailbreak-эксплоитPG Client is available for free at this link.

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