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iPhone and MacBook – the most welcome gift for the New year

Apple devices – the most welcome gift for the New year from consumers, according to a study conducted by Piper Jaffray. If you really want to please the closest person for the holidays, be sure to give him the iPhone.

According to the research, in the New year, 7.2% of users would like to receive a free Apple smartphone. In the ranking of expectations of the iPhone to confidently holds the first place for the fourth consecutive year. Behind them a large margin to be the MacBook is 2.1%.

If the iPhone has long been on the palm in the list of desires of users, in the second place there is a constant struggle. In 2013 this place went to the PlayStation (2.9 percent). A year later, the buyers EN masse wanted to get in the Christmas holiday Xbox (2,5%). In 2015, the second in the ranking was still gaming console from Microsoft. This year, Apple managed to fascinate people to your new product — the updated MacBook Pro 2016.

If this balance of power is quite predictable, the appearance in the top five desired gifts “smart” watches was a surprise. They would like to get about 0.9% of the respondents. the iPad, oddly enough, not gaining enough votes, so is not included in the rating of the most anticipated surprises.

Among other gifts that you would like users in the new year: action Cam GoPro, smart wristbands Fitbit, drones and Michael Kors.

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