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iPhone 5s dropped sharply in Russia in anticipation of the release of “iPhone 5e”

On the eve of the release of the new “budget” smartphone Apple Russian retailers have significantly cut prices on the iPhone 5s. If before this version of “Apple” smartphone with 16 GB of memory sold for 29 990 rudders, she is now 24 990 rubles, and for the restored model is now asking for only 22 990 rubles.

As noted by Hi-Tech Mail.Ru the prices on the flagship 2013 revised re: Store, MTS, Media Markt, “M. Video”, “Ozon”, “Svyaznoy”, “Euroset”, “Eldorado” and “Citylink”. They have a 16-Gigabyte modification of the iPhone 5s can be purchased for the lowest price – 24 990 rubles. A little more expensive “Apple” of new products is in the retail network “Beeline” and “K” and “Hardware” – 25 990 rubles.

Prices fell, and the restored the iPhone 5s. So, at 26-27 thousand rubles the price of the “white” of the retailers declined to 22 990 rubles: so much for the gadget is offered in “KNOW-HOW” and “Hello”. In “El Dorado” restored iPhone 5s with 16 GB of memory for data storage can be purchased for 23 990 rubles for every 1000 rubles cheaper than a new one. In shops “the Megaphone” the device is on sale for 24 590 rubles, “the Messenger” and “Euroset” – 24 990 rubles.

Official Apple Store the phone is offered at the old prices – 36 990 rubles for the 16-Gigabyte version and 40 990 rubles for 32 GB.

The cost of the iPhone 5s falls on the eve of the release of the new iPhone 5e. The day before about this model, told the informed sources among Apple’s suppliers. The letter “e” in the title of this unit means “enhanced” — enhanced. That is, this is an improved version of the iPhone 5s.

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Sources claim that Foxconn has already started production of the iPhone 5e in anticipation of the release, scheduled for March of this year. The novelty should receive processor A8, 1 GB of RAM and a flash drive with 16 or 64 GB. The price of the new model will be about $500.

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